Meet the Artist

Hi, I'm Eleanor!

I'm a 25 year old artist, filmmaker, creator, and Virgo currently based in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve loved to paint for as long as I can remember, but have learned more recently to appreciate the meditative practice of painting just for the sake of painting. While struggling with anxiety and the uncertainty of the world, I can find peace in mixing colors together, swirling strokes on a canvas, and the enjoyable freeing feeling that abstraction brings. I could create. And these creations didn't have to look like a certain thing. I could just GO. I could play with colors and textures that felt good, that matched where I was at mentally, or just seemed fun.

This love for playing with colors grew exponentially once I realized I could paint on a spinning canvas: a vinyl record. This unconventional method came across my Instagram feed years ago on one of those “oddly satisfying” accounts and sparked an entirely new way of creating for me. The combination of beautifully blended colors, the round shape of the piece, and the recycling element all became the perfect combination for a new series of art. Since March 2020, I’ve spent significant time crafting a specific method for getting the records to look their best, including resin and glitter for protection and shine, alcohol ink for abstract patterns, and of course, the dried flowers and leaves for the connection back to nature.

Finding solace in creating was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s not just something I can do, but something I must do to keep my brain functional. It’s something I feel I need to do in a way I don’t feel about anything else.

I hope you enjoy browsing my creations and taking a peek into my brain. Your support means the world.